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Dallas Black Dance Theatre

The mission of Dallas Black Dance Theatre is to create and produce contemporary modern dance at its highest level of artistic excellence. DBDT fulfills this mission through performance and educational programs that bridge cultures, reach diverse communities and encompass ever-expanding national audiences.
As the longest running professional dance company in Dallas, Dallas Black Dance Theatre is committed to the transformative impact of dance in your community. This North Texas Giving Day, any amount of $25 or more will support DBDT's important role in the arts in Dallas and provide educational outreach programs, resources, and classes for over 20,000 students in your community - and here's how you'll do it: - $25: Admission for 5 students to attend a student matinee performance, where students are connected to the power of creative expression through dance. - $50: 1 hour of an outreach arts education class, where an emphasis on dance studies in a constructive learning environment promotes the development of critical thinking skills, discipline, and self-awareness. - $100: 1 Masterclass for a trained, aspiring dancer from the DBDT Academy to work with a major guest choreographer, giving them real-world experience for those pursuing a career in dance. - $250: 1 class/week per semester for a child to attend the DBDT Academy to inspire the next generation of dancers through pre-professional dance training. - $500: 1 community outreach program that brings the beauty of dance to local churches, hospitals, senior and cultural centers, and nursing homes throughout North Texas. - $1,000: 1 month for 3 rehearsal directors to provide dance training for the DBDT Academy Performing Ensembles, giving them the tools and preparation needed to progress to the professional level. How will YOU make a difference this year?