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The Dallas Challenge mission is to help youth stay in school, off drugs and alcohol, and out of the criminal justice system. Dallas Challenge provides children, teens and young adults with critical skills and tools to meet life successfully and navigate its challenges. Our prevention education program teaches young people and their parents the skills they need to cope with life's difficulties without turning to substance abuse. Our outpatient substance abuse treatment program helps teens deal with addiction and find a more fulfilling life in recovery, and is available regardless of the family's ability to pay for services. Our intervention programs help redirect youth and young adults in trouble because of truancy, minor theft, aggressive behavior or drinking and driving. When youth take a wrong turn, skip school, break the law or use drugs, they aren't just acting out. They are asking for help. They are not problem children; they are children who need help solving problems. Most of the children and families we serve are low-income, and in many cases the youth have experienced traumatic events they don't have the skills to handle effectively. Dallas Challenge is committed to making a positive difference. So, we engage children in programs that facilitate their growth as individuals and provide them with tools to overcome the missteps that can threaten their future. And, we give parents the essential skills to build a supportive family unit and become leaders for their children. Over 33 years we have helped more than 185,000 children, teens and young adults through tested, proven, inclusive and culturally sensitive programs that empower children and teens with knowledge and skills that help them choose a healthy and productive life.
Dallas Challenge would be interested in donations of the following types of items (please contact the agency for specific needs prior to donating):tickets for groups to attend sporting or cultural events, office supplies, non-perishable snacks and bottled water for use at family programs. Dallas Challenge is also in need of volunteers to assist with social media and with fundraising.
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