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Dallas Christian Women's Job Corps

The mission of Dallas Christian Women's Job Corps is to provide job training and life skills in a Christian context, helping women in need to be equipped for life and employment.
With your help we can meet our current needs, which include: Transportation for Participants (includes monthly bus passes and gas stipends): $1,800 per 8-week semester, or $5,400 per year; Bible/Classroom Supplies: ($75 per student), $900 per semester, or $2,700 per year; AND Dental, Medical and Housing Assistance for Participants and Alumni: on average $4,000 to $5,000 per year. Our ability to provide completely free programming, transportation and financial assistance to our participants, allows Dallas Christian Women's Job Corps to meet the overwhelming needs of the 75228 community, and the immediate surrounding areas. Our core Job Readiness and Life Skills Program (JRLS), serves women who are one step out of a crisis, i.e., exiting incarceration, in transitional housing for drug addiction, recently widowed, and/or in need of enhanced skills to re-enter the job market. Our JRLS program contains three cornerstones: Bible Study to help each woman build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; Job Skills Training including: computer skills, resume writing, interview skills, goal planning and time management; and Life Skills Training including: parenting/relationship building, communication skills, conflict resolution, budgeting and nutrition.