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Dallas Companion Animal Project

Dallas Companion Animal Project is a non-profit organization created to focus on the future of the community by strengthening the connection between people and animals. Our Mission: Strengthening bonds between people and animals. Our Vision: A community that values and supports quality of life between people and animals.
Spay and Neuter Program - Provides low-cost surgeries to families that would otherwise not be able to afford thereby reducing the potential for more homeless animals in our community. The Lucy Fund - Provides life-saving treatment for family pets who require medical care but whose-owners cannot afford the services. The fund was named for a very special little dog who recovered from a life-threatening injury because a caring community stepped in to cover her medical expenses. One hundred percent of all donations are used to pay for urgent medical care for pets. Owner Outreach - Focusing on underserved and low income communities, Pets for Life is a boots on the ground program, building relationships by providing resources (such as training, low cost spay and neuter, wellness care, etc.) to pet owners would not have access otherwise. The results are two fold - a healthier environment for the animals in our community and stronger relationships between people and their pets.