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Dallas Firefighter's Museum

The purpose and mission of the Dallas Firefighter's Museum is to provide the citizens of Dallas a thriving and well-attended historical and educational asset. The Museum teaches fire safety, honors fallen heroes from Dallas Fire-Rescue and other North Texas forces, and preserves our firefighting heritage.
The Dallas Firefighter's Museum has the following three needs: 1.) Sometimes the very children and families who need to hear the messages of safety, can't afford to come to the Museum-requesting funding for scholarships for Museum admissions and operations support $35,000; 2.) Funding to continue our oral history project-The Firefighter Legacy Project-where video interviews of Dallas firefighters will live on via telling the stories of what it was like to be a firefighter, fires fought, firefighters lost in their own words-need: $20,000 for camera and editing; and 3.) Support for the interior renovation of the Museum to expand educational outreach to 13,000 second graders, families and seniors of how to be safe in their homes-goal $6.3M, raised to date-$1.2M. Our goal for North Texas Giving Day is $35,000. We'd be happy to go over our goal, with your help! Thank you for your consideration!
A special thanks to our matching fund donors for your support for the Museum this first year, for believing the work firefighters do for the citizens of Dallas is important and that the story of their history is worth preserving! .Parkway Realtors .Reagor Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas