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Dallas Foundation for Psychoanalysis

The Dallas Foundation for Psychoanalysis (DFP) is a non-profit (501c3) organization that supports the Dallas Psychoanalytic Center (DPC) and acts as a bridge between the DPC and public agencies, cultural organizations, religious groups and schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The DFP designs, plans and implements community programs, lectures and consultations to increase knowledge, insight, self awareness and compassion. A wide range of mental health issues are addressed including, but not limited to, infant mental health, child development, individual growth, and parenting. The Dallas Foundation for Psychoanalysis is strongly interested in the integration and application of psychoanalytic ideas and concepts in collaboration with other disciplines: medicine, psychology, social work, counseling, neuroscience, education, the fine arts, literature, architecture, and religion.
The Dallas Foundation for Psychoanalysis is currently seeking funds to support three initiatives. 1) Psychoanalytic evaluations for young children from lower socio-economic environments. 2) Community education programs, featuring national experts, to enrich mental health of individuals and families in the DFW area. 3) Scholarships for individuals hoping to study psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy.