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Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association

The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association seeks to be at the forefront of promoting the sport of mountain biking, land access, and advocacy for the North Texas area, and serve as a model of leadership for other cycling organizations. DORBA will seek to accomplish this through: -Cycling education programs that advance a cyclist's knowledge and skill level in a fun and encouraging atmosphere -Non-competitive cycling events that foster a sense of fellowship and camaraderie that appeals to the diversity that is found within the mountain biking community -Competitive cycling events catering to XC, endurance, and racers of all racing skill levels -Adherence to national IMBA guidelines for trail development and other insurance requirements -Open, direct, and legal partnerships with land managers that can serve as models for new trails
DORBA's primary mission is maintaining over 20 trails in the North Texas area. These trails are primarily used for mountain biking, but are increasingly used by runners, walkers and hikers as well. The largest portion of our budget is used for trail maintenance and advocacy - tools, power equipment, material, supplies, equipment maintenance and much more.