Raised for Nonprofits

Dallas Real Estate Ministries

To build a spiritual house within the Dallas real estate community. We are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him personally; and to encourage and equip believers to walk more closely with the Lord Jesus Christ in business, family and personal relationships.
Our Impact! lunches expose the Gospel to over 1,500 people per year. Impact! speakers consists of leaders that are willing to be transparent, share their faith and Christ principles to the DREM community. Over 30% of attendees are usually first time visitors. Our fundraising enables us to host and cover the operating costs of these events. Engage is the faith in action component of DREM. Our largest ministry under Engage includes our monthly prayer groups. The Prayer group meet to pray for those in need, but we also want people to experience the benefit of praying for others. We have also added service projects to the Engage umbrella. This year we have partnered with other faith based ministries to leverage our impact and make a difference locally and abroad. Through DREM Women, our women gather regularly to knock down walls of fear and anxiety and create a safe haven among our women to build hope and confidence and embrace our true identity in Christ's love. DREM Women events include prayer, testimonies, and encouragement. What a great way to fellowship with other women and grow your faith. This year we relaunched Mission Marketplace into Mission Marketplace 2.0. This ministry includes fellowship, discipleship and faith in action to build stronger disciples of Christ. We meet together in the marketplace because that is where we spend the majority of our time. Mission Marketplace exists to equip men with the tools necessary to become better leaders (in the family, workplace) and make sharing the gospel natural. We have over 90 alumni and have brought on a leader to expand Mission Marketplace in 2017. Since we are a workplace ministry, we also have a close affiliate with RENG. RENG meets weekly and serves a vital function for the unemployed. Their alumni roster has over 585 people, 18 of which have landed jobs in 2017. In June, 2016, RENG recognized our 15th year of serving the real estate community. RENG has assisted over 2,000 people with their job search and placement.