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Dayspring Discipleship Institute

Our ministry offers studies on Christ's call to follow Him, living out His will and serving others. We seek to be instruments of emotional and spiritual healing, applying His universal principles to broken and wounded hearts. Counseling and massage therapy are provided. The ministry also offers studies, services, and book discussions to draw us more deeply into the demands and empowerment of Christ in our lives. Our Antiquities Legacy Library, with works by great figures of our faith dating from the 15th century provides resources for community Christian schools, home schooling classes, and regular courses we offer. Beyond our Texas borders, Dayspring has served the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation. During two visits per year, we provide humanitarian aid. Another endeavor has been to work with an agency in Jordan to bring Iraqi Christian refugees to the U.S. Dayspring is always open to step in and serve needs of the community. Our outreach to the tornado victims of 2015 provides one example of this, and has resulted in long-term ministering to some of those affected.
Current plans include establishing relationships with private schools and home-schooling educators to use the Antiquities Legacy Library. For all of this ministry, including salaries and finances for the Dayspring House in Rockwall, we mainly rely on free-will offerings of those involved in the ministry. Other sources of income would help sustain our efforts.