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Denison Forum on Truth and Culture

Denison Forum on Truth and Culture seeks to resource believers to experience and advance God's kingdom by thoughtfully engaging the issues of our day with biblical truth. Both individuals and churches are using the various resources created by Jim Denison, Craig Denison, Nick Pitts, Janet Denison and numerous other contributors to better experience and advance God's kingdom. By offering free or at cost resources by the generosity of our donors we are meeting believers and churches at their point of need. As the result of these resources hundreds of thousands of believers a day are experiencing and advancing God's kingdom that they might live as salt and light in world desperate for hope. Brands and websites include: www.denisonforum.org, www.first15.org, www.jimdenison.org, www.janetdenison.com, www.christianparenting.org, craigandracheldenison.com.
Our greatest need is marketing. With every dollar a donor gives we can take our resources and give them to more believers that they might live as salt and light. The greatest need of our nation is for believers to rise up and live as the hope of the world God created us to be. Every dollar donated helps us give a believer a catalytic resource that encourages them to fulfill their unique calling.