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Denton County Historical Park

The mission of the Denton County Office of History and Culture is to interpret our past to give context to our present and provide a greater direction to our future. We are committed to the development and experience of Denton County history and dedicated to the cultural enrichment of our community. Our purpose is to welcome, inform and inspire.
This Giving Day, the Denton County Office of History and Culture is raising funds to expand and revitalize the Denton County Historical Park. Owned by the citizens of Denton County, the Historical Park is a hub for residents and visitors to grow and learn together. It is located on Mulberry Street just south of the Denton Square, and regularly hosts community events such as the Farmers' Market, the Community Market, live music, storytelling, and more. The park is currently home to the Bayless-Selby House museum and the Quakertown House museum, as well as our Welcome Center, which is also a historic Denton structure. Future plans for the park include the renovation of the Taylor Log Cabin, as well as a second Quakertown House, the Woods House. Pictured below are the Bayless-Selby House and Quakertown House museums, as well as the plans for the future of the park. Help us preserve and celebrate Denton County's unique history!