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Denton County Veterans Coalition

The Denton County Veterans Coalition's mission is to build a support network for our Veterans and their families. The DCVC was formed to help Veterans and their families by improving the quality of their lives and connecting their needs with solutions and resources that are available in Denton County and beyond through a network of volunteers that covers the entire county, where a phone call or an email referral connects a Veteran with the right solution. Support comes in the form of emergency financial services, housing assistance, career assessment, education, certifications, counseling, job placement, homeless support, medical services and community support. The coalition consists of a voluntary partnership that brings together the key players in the community of Veteran services, organizations, non-profits, and governmental entities that are committed to providing services; and raises awareness of specific issues that our local Veterans and their families need assistance with.
The Denton County Veterans Coalition seeks community support for Veterans who utilize our "one stop shop" process of connecting those who have needs (homelessness, short-term financial and educational aid, personal and family counseling, as well as mental and spiritual assistance) with individuals and agencies who specialize in veteran support. We help Veterans with utility, food and housing assistance when needed to help them transition through difficult times. We also provide training to help veterans with post-traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, and financial management. Helping the brave men and women who have served our country is the priority of the Denton County Veterans Coalition. We encourage others to contribute in any way they can to this worthwhile project.