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DFW Humane Society

The DFW Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter, promotes humane treatment of all animals, provides unwanted and helpless pets a second chance in life through adoption to caring and nurturing homes in the communities and educates the public on humane treatment of animals.
Life is about second chances - which is what the DFW Humane Society provides to thousands of animals looking for their new forever homes. We rescue all sorts of pets - dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits and the occasional pig - who have been abandoned, rejected, neglected or injured, and match them with new owners who will love and care for them. Our greatest area of need is financial support for our Angel programs: - Our Guardian Angel Fund helps offset medical costs and special care for pets in our shelter who require veterinary care for injuries or medical conditions, like broken bones or heartworm disease. We want our pets to be as healthy as possible so that they have the best chance at being adopted. - Our Angel for Keeps program offers resources and financial assistance to pet owners who might otherwise surrender their pets to a shelter due to a temporary inability to care for them stemming from medical conditions, behavioral problems, or changes in living situations. Be an Angel for a pet in need today. Every gift - no matter how small - can make a life-changing difference for an animal who just wants to be love by a new forever family.