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DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc.

DFW Pug Rescue exists to rescue pugs of all ages and physical condition and to ensure each of them is placed in a loving, secure home.
DFW Pug Rescue expects to serve 400 pugs, maintain 80 foster homes; and place 340 dogs in approved adoptive homes over the next year. Last year, DFW Pug Rescue received 313 pugs, including the largest puppy mill rescue in our history that saved 20 pugs. Each pug entering our care is transported to a veterinary care center in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Their conditions at intake vary and may include a positive heartworm test, mammary tumors, hernias, malnutrition, demodex mange, knee and hip dysplasia, ear infections, and blindness. The expenses associated with the treatment, medication, and follow-up care of rescued pugs averages $200,000 annually. Currently we have 7 diabetic pugs in foster homes requiring glucose testing up to twice daily; when the pug appears stable, they are tested a few times a week. However, they all have the potential to be tested 2 times a day. The organization provides glucose test strips to foster homes where special need pugs are residing. In addition, we provide prescription dog food, eye drops, and glucose monitors. To date, the expense of caring for these special pugs is approaching $20,000. The pug is a tenacious and resilient breed. Even with the serious medical conditions that our pugs must overcome, 92% are placed in loving, safe forever homes each year.