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Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction

Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction was organized to generate financial and educational resources related to breast reconstruction following a diagnosis of breast cancer and mastectomy. We provide financial assistance to uninsured and low income women in the North Texas area and educate the community regarding breast reconstruction options.
Rising medical costs are a major concern in regard to reconstructive surgery and many uninsured and low income women find themselves without sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of reconstruction. This outreach is managed and supported entirely by volunteers who donate their time and resources to help these medically underserved women. Each candidate is carefully screened to determine their qualifications for our assistance. In addition to financing approved cases, we work to reduce the costs, through a network of medical professionals, paraprofessionals and services, allowing us to help more women. Each case is unique and financial results vary. Your contributions can help toward all or part of the following procedures: Reconstructive surgery, Operating facilities, Anesthesiology & Breast aesthetics.