Raised for Nonprofits


DAR is dedicated to taking effective action on behalf of those being harmed by air pollution. Our goal is to build a strong grassroots constituency and create new strategies for clean air in North Texas. We do this by informing, connecting and mobilizing citizens to become active participants in the decision-making that affects the air we breathe. In doing so, we improve both the quality of our air and the quality of our democracy.
Hard to believe, but we support the ONLY full-time staff devoted to clean air issues in Dallas-Fort Worth, so we always need your help to pay those important salaries. We're building our own inventory of air pollution monitors citizens can use to identify local pollution hotspots instead of relying on the State, We're the "Davids" to the region's "Goliath" air polluters, and we're always ready to help neighborhoods who feel their concerns about pollution are not being taken seriously.