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Dream2Walk Foundation

Dream2WalK is a 501(c)(3) public charity that is focused on Spinal Cord Injury recovery. We help Spinal Cord Injury Patients recover from their injuries & learn to walk again by raising funds in order to award scholarships to S.C.I. Patients in need of assistance at approved recovery based therapy facilities
The Exercise based recovery we help our recipients with runs about $100 per hour so funding is always a need. We also are looking for anyone interested in joining our Board of Directors or Volunteer Core and would like to be able to start employing people with disabilities to both help us grow and raise more awareness as well as funding while providing them with purpose and a little more financial independence. Funding to help current and pending scholarship recipients is the priority but anyone interested in contacting us about getting involved please contact Stewart Morrison at 214-417-8466. Thank you for your generosity, together we can make a difference!