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Dynamic Love for Children and youth

Dynamic Love for Children & Youth is a non-profit corporation with a charitable, educational and religious intent. This non-profit organization will focus on feeding children and youth and teaching them the value of nutrition and wellness. It will also focus on exercise and the benefits of living a healthy life. The charitable intent will focus on giving clothing to the homeless or individuals in need. The religious intent will go to teaching the children and youth about having a relationship with God. This organization will deliver Baptist training unions to educate the children and youth about the chapters and books of the bible, the various individuals in the bible and what their life meant to God and how He used them to help us now. The educational intent will include praise dancing, mime dance training, and drill team training for conferences and competitions for the boys and girls in the community. We will also focus on school challenges like assisting high school students with prom activities and clothing. Dynamic Love for Children & Youth will be the resource for youth in our community.
in need of a school supplies, clothing for all ages preK - 12th grade, back packs, food fresh fruit and can fruits and vegetables, for the family, activities for the children and youth ex: books, Crayola, markers, construction paper bens, pencils flash drive, computers, tables for jr. high and high school youth. Money, working capital to pay staff. Funds to pay for the commercial Kitchen to cook for children and seniors in the Southern Dallas area, Dallas-Duncanville, Oak Cliff