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Eastside Blossoms

EFWI is working for the betterment of Fort Worth through positive collaboration with business, developers, community groups and other development organizations on new development and re-development projects on the east side of Fort Worth. - Advocates for the developable side of town. - Leveraging the quality of life for sustainable development. - Advocates and volunteers promoting the value of east Fort Worth. - Leveraging the high quality of life to promote economic development in east Fort Worth. - Leadership in developing East Fort Worth. - Marketing East Fort Worth.
We plan to place flowering trees in the median along Randol Mill Road and E 1st St from IH 820 to Beach Street, along both sides of Oakland Boulevard from IH 30 to Randol Mill Road and along both sides of Beach Street from IH 30 to the TRE rail line. Early on in the planning for this project it became clear that cherry trees presented a high risk approach to beautification. With the help of the Botanic Research Institute of Texas and the City of Fort Worth Arborist we identified six species of flowering trees that would be able to thrive in our climate. These are: - Texas Redbud - Mexican Plum - Dessert Willow - American Smoketree - Eve's Necklace - Golden Raintree Several factors have entered into our selection of species. The risk of losing everything to a blight has led us away from selecting a single species. We would like to create an annual event with this project so that most of the trees are in bloom at one time. To do this we're focusing on just two of these as our primary trees; the Texas Redbud and Mexican Plum. These trees will blossom very close to each other while providing some degree of diversity to protect against disease. The other trees will be promoted as accents.