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Education is Freedom

Education is Freedom (EIF) transforms lives through education.
Our primary need is for PROGRAM FUNDING to provide predominantly low-income, minority students and their families with college and career preparation services and resources free of charge. Thanks to donors like you, EIF has pioneered an innovative model for exponentially multiplying the impact of your donations. In fact, every dollar that you invest in Education is Freedom's programs generates over $15 in grants and scholarships for graduating seniors from local public schools -- a 1400% return on your investment before including the ROI from our other outcomes! Last year, EIF served 20,977 unduplicated students in the Dallas and Grand Prairie ISDs. Additionally, 96% of the 3,706 graduating seniors (Class of 2017) served by EIF have applied to a higher education institution for a total 13,291 college applications; 60% of the seniors who submitted college applications also successfully applied for financial aid.