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Empower Heroes

Our vision: We picture a world where the service given by soldiers, is recognized through the support they receive as veterans. We want to build a world where the skills they deployed to defend our country, can be used to grow our nation as well-trained, valued employees. Our mission: Empower Heroes works to support those returning home from service pursue a technical education and find employment. We fill a void not covered by the GI bill, whether that's school supplies, second chances, or celebrating success. We provide more than funding, we provide a reason to try.
Delays in receiving financial support and medical care as well as short-comings in the GI bill mean 88% of student veterans will drop out of school, leaving them struggling to find their way. Support is as individual as the veterans themselves. Here are three of the main ways we help: 1) SUPPLIES: not covered in the GI bill, the cost of tools and books can add up. Support can also take the form of gas, food cards and daycare/childcare...anything to remove the practical barriers to eduction. 2) SECOND CHANCES: with funding time limits, some veterans find the support gone before they've had time to take advantage of it. We provide a second chance to those veterans who want to earn it. 3) CELEBRATE SUCCESS: the achievements of those who return and flourish are often overlooked. We celebrate success through small rewards such as gift cards to show them they're valued and recognize both their service and their potential. $50 buys a gas card to get to school for a month, $75 feeds a veteran for a week, $350 provides a laptop with software, $2500 buys the tools needed for a technical diploma. Private First class, 1.5 years served Training in Occupational Safety and Health As a formerly homeless veteran, it makes me feel I can do anything Empowered by a $40 bus pass Staff Sergeant, 7.5 years served Training to be a Helicopter Pilot Knowing that there's support for life's needs while at school makes chasing the dream a reality Empowered by $1100 pilot certification Private First Class, 1.5 years served Training to be an Automotive technician I'm not looking for a handout, I'm just trying to build a better life for me and my three children Empowered by $2150 of tools