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Equal Justice Center

The Equal Justice Center (EJC) is a non-profit law firm and employment justice organization. Our mission is to empower low-income families, workers, and communities to achieve fair treatment in the workplace, in the justice system, and in our shared society - regardless of immigration status. Since 2001, the EJC has provided legal representation that enables working men and women to recover unpaid wages and combat other basic injustices they encounter in their work.
The Equal Justice Center depends on gracious gifts of donor funds and volunteer time to successfully meet our mission to battle injustice for wage and migrant workers in Texas. The EJC's current project on Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault (LASSA) is part of a new Texas-wide legal aid program, which is funded and supported by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation. As part of this program, the EJC deploys and expands its employment law expertise to hold employers accountable when the company's employment practices have allowed sexual assault to occur within their business. The EJC also works to empower survivors of workplace sexual assault by helping them secure the compensation and legal remedies they need for their recovery. At the EJC, there are also day-to-day expenses of office supplies that are typical of a law firm, but as a nonprofit, we strive to make every donation count.