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Essilor Vision Foundation

The mission of the Essilor Vision Foundation is "to eliminate poor vision and its lifelong consequences"
Since 2008, Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF)'s Kids Vision for Life programs in greater Dallas and Tarrant Counties have dispensed over 40,000 new prescription eyeglasses to students using mobile vision vans to deliver services to schools and community events. In the 2016-2017 school year EVF's Kids Vision for Life in Dallas/Fort Worth will oversee screenings for an estimated 50,000 students at over 100 school-based clinics. Nearly 10,000 of those children will be flagged for further evaluation and will be provided with eye examinations and new prescription eyeglasses as needed. 1. Provide a child with a vision exam and glasses: The process to provide each child who needs vision correction with new glasses costs $50 and includes an eye exam, manufacturing of new prescription eyeglasses and customized fitting of frames. Your $50 donation will support a child's success in school. 2. Provide vision services to an ENTIRE school: Over the course of a week, EVF's Kids Vision for Life will coordinate with the school nurse to ensure that each child receives vision services. Those children needing further care will receive an eye exam and, where appropriate, new glasses with frames selected by the student. A typical school program will consist of four vision exam days during one week with the fifth day used for dispensing eyeglasses to the students and costs an estimated $5,000. 3. Provide support of the Mobile Vision Clinic: Maintenance and service of EVF's Mobile Vision Clinics continues to be one of the greatest expenses. The Mobile Vision Clinic is used every day of the week during the school year and the vehicle remains in service for over 7 hours each day to ensure proper use of the equipment on-board to cut and customize the lenses for on-site manufacturing. Annual maintenance and repair costs per mobile clinic total around $20,000, and would greatly offset the program service costs of Kids Vision for Life.