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Excellence by Design Education Center

To transform the lives of disadvantaged and underserved youth through education programs that inspire experiential learning, improve academic skills, promote academic success, foster leadership, character and social development; and promote personal growth through programs that teach life skills, intervention and prevention strategies, health, fitness and college and career readiness in a holistic, caring and supportive environment
Youth need support during the learning process. Excellence by Design Education Center (EDEC) is a non-profit organization committed to closing achievement gaps of disadvantaged and underserved youths. EDEC programs and services address equity in education issues that impact underserved and disadvantaged youths in the Dallas/Fort Worth greater metropolitan area. EDEC is seeking funding to finance Young Author Academy's I RISE Program (Impacting Racial Healing, Intervention, Social Justice and Equity in Education. Funding is needed to help with operating costs of the programs and offset expenses associated with cost for materials, resources, marketing and publication of students' work. The program introduce students to the writing process and focuses on preparation for writing to publish. Students engage in the writing process to become real writers, authors and publishers. Students are exposed to the complete publication process from the research stage to the design and publication stage. The program empowers youths to (1) give voice to the local racial injustices in their communities; (2) provide healing through written expression;(3) serve as a medium through which youth can express solutions to racial injustices that impact them the most in their communities and schools and (4) speak truth to power by sharing their own experiences and practical solutions through non-fiction writing and publishing. The program encourages, inspire and motivate youths to learn about democratic values and how they can affect the democratic processes in their local communities. Youths have the opportunity to develop academic reading and writing skills in a holistic, caring, supportive and safe environment while focusing on racial inequality issues that matters to them.
Betty Howard