Raised for Nonprofits


ExplorTech is a Parker County Texas nonprofit partnering with communities, school districts, and colleges to provide training, technological solutions, and educational activities for Texas teachers, students, and families located in small or rural school districts where limited funding, small populations, and isolation limit the availability of technology education. We also partner with community organizations to provide affordable or free summer STEM camps for elementary and secondary-school students.
ExplorTech's strategy for 2017-18 focuses on internal and external capacity-building that increases program scope and impact by (1) increasing the number of participating schools and districts; (2) increasing instructional hours and instructional hours-per-student; and (3) enlisting and training classroom teachers, student interns, and volunteers. Our current budget supports day-to-day instruction in just one district. We need funding to support teachers and volunteer training and to provide much need classroom equipment and curriculum. Each new campus program costs approximately $10K per academic school year. We hope to complete funding for our existing district and add as many as three new districts, each with two participating campuses.