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Exponential Power of Women

eX[POW] is a 501c3 non-profit organization for women, girls and the men who love them. We are the only female-led charity that bridges ALL women and girls from elementary age to senior citizens, crossing cultural, religious, and socioeconomic lines to support one another in our journey to learn, grow, and connect to create a better life, community and world for all of us. OUR MISSION is to grow 'good' exponentially to create the life and world in which we all want to live - a safe, equal and free world of opportunity for ALL by: - INSPIRING an army of eX[POW]erful women and girls, - CONNECTING them with one another for support, encouragement and friendship and - EMPOWERING them with the skills, tools, technology, support, confidence and mentoring they need to be impactful, to be the X factor in all that they pursue personally, professionally and for their community. OUR VISION We envision a thriving society that understands that we are one, interconnected, aware that the actions, inactions and choices of each of us, impact ALL of us. In this society we live harmoniously, appreciating our differences and accepting one another for who we are without judgment. Our character, actions and choices determine our destiny. We support one another and no one walks alone. We stand side-by-side as equals; men and women, young and old, all races, religions and ethnicities and openly and humbly listen, communicate and address challenges together. We all benefit from the bonds and understanding created as well as the safety, security and economic opportunity garnered. Here we are happy and flourish as individuals and as a society.
Volunteers and funding for the PROGRAMS THAT BRING OUR MISSION TO LIFE are greatly needed. The issues that led to the challenges we face today are complex. We don't pretend to know all of the answers, but we believe that lasting progress begins at a grassroots level, slowly chipping away the barriers that separate us from one another, from equality, from stability and happiness in a safe and thriving community. We offer programs to do just this, chip away at barriers, partnering with existing charities and women when we can. Following are some of the initiatives we're working on for the coming year. - CONNECTION opportunities such as LeanIn Circles (with author Sheryl Sandberg's charity), mentoring for all ages, volunteerism, cultural/language connection/support, community campaign support, classes, meetings, galas, etc., ensuring that no one walks alone. - COMMUNITY & SOCIETAL IMPACT We support programs that impact women/girls such as Human Trafficking, Foster Care, Equal Pay (women paid 23% less, Black 37%, Hispanic 46%), Education, Scholarships, Safety, etc. - EMPOWER We empower women with programs such as Strengths Discovery/Development Workshop, Joy of Goals Workshop (partnership with Gateway to Dreams), Entrepreneurial Support as well as some of the programs mentioned above such as mentoring and LeanIn Circles.