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Faith & Grief Ministries, Inc.

Our mission is to provide resources for ongoing comfort to persons who have experienced the death of a loved one.
Faith & Grief Ministries (F&GM) will offer a new Financial Education Seminar for North Texas Widows led by a certified financial planner. The goal of this program is to empower women to confidently manage personal finances independently. Widows who participate will increase their knowledge of financial issues, learn good money management behaviors, and build confidence in making sound financial decisions. F&GM will develop curriculum and materials to market and provide a live pilot seminar in Fall, 2016. F&GM needs funds to develop a multi-topic, online seminar providing a convenient, flexible, and educational opportunity for widows in 2017. Success will be measured by tracking online viewers who will complete pre- and post-seminar surveys. Receipt of a one-year grant in 2016 enabled F&GM to contract with three part-time Community Educators (CEs) tasked to build awareness of F&GM programs among the bereaved and those who serve them across North Texas. The objectives for CEs in 2017 are to make 60 personal contacts per month with organizations and individuals serving persons in the grief process; to educate about F&GM resources yielding new covenant relationships; to increase the number of e-news recipients; and to schedule three speaking engagements per month. Success will be measured by increases in covenants with new host sites, increase in attendance at F&GM programs, and increase in the e-newsletter data base. Due to a recent 100% growth of host sites, F&GM needs to transition from a volunteer Host Liaison (HL) to part-time, paid HL to engage in retaining and onboarding host sites. The goal of contracting with a HL is to ensure satisfaction and retention of host sites. The HL will assist in training volunteers, consolidate quarterly host site survey results, coordinate web and social media information, and edit the monthly newsletter. Success will be measured from annual feed-back from host site leadership and host site retention.