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Families to Freedom

Our mission is to transport victims of domestic abuse to safety.
Families to Freedom wants to make it easier for victims and their children to get away from abusive relationships. We provide one-way transportation to reunite with family far away or get to shelter. With more than 10,150 unmet requests for emergency shelter due to a lack of capacity, we are a solution for hundreds of victims seeking shelter outside of Dallas-Ft. Worth. Our primary travel mode is by car, driving our clients to safety. We need funds for fuel, vehicle costs, and food to feed families going on long trips. We also need funds for bus tickets to help shelter survivors relocate. Support us so we can reduce homelessness, reduce hospitalizations, reduce child abuse and reduce murder. Together we can change the game for how victims are able to break free from abuse! Families to Freedom is the only long-distance transportation solution for domestic abuse victims. We are an all-volunteer organization working with 20 North Texas shelters. Fuel is needed for nearly every aspect of transportation. We offer car/van rides to safety driving our clients from a safe pickup place to shelter or family, and we support victims leaving in their own vehicle through our Fuel Assistance program. Vehicle costs keeps wheels rolling to relocate children to a safe place. Meals for trips longer than four hours are provided because our clients usually do not have enough money for that. Lunch and dinner is usually a fast food stop for a sandwich limited to $10/person. For survivors leaving the Dallas area without children, we help them relocate through bus tickets.
The Nejdl Family, The Gibson Family, Vanessa Wojtas