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For Love & Art

For Love & Art brings the Art Experience to those with limited mobility. We stimulate art appreciation while enabling professional and volunteer caregivers to love people in creative and transformative ways. Our context for art is not education or aesthetic, rather love. Primarily serving hospices, nursing homes, senior assisting living, VA Medical Centers and children's hospitals, we bring great art and what art provides - mind, body and soul - to people at the grassroots, transforming fear, loneliness and boredom into Beauty, Joy and a genuine Celebration of Life itself! Aligned with the outreach missions of our fine partner museums (currently numbering 20), we showcase their masterpieces in both individual and group settings and engage participants to reflect, remember, and share their experience while viewing. "Sharing the Art Experience" triggers conversations that people are yearning to have. It elevates every aspect of quality of life - psychosocially, cognitively, spiritually and physically.
For Love & Art needs $20,000 to underwrite our delightful "Celebrating the Art Experience" presentations to financially challenged eligible healthcare venues in North Texas . We need volunteers (Art Angels) to visit these facilities and assist professional caregivers by showcasing a particular museum collections to groups using a flatscreen TV, or to individuals using the Virtual Museum ArtBooks. Either way, our volunteers do NOT need to know about art formally; rather, be able to engage residents to share their experience while viewing art, thereby elevating their quality of life. We also need funding ($30,000) to endow 50 Virtual Museum ArtBooks to eligible North Texas nursing homes, senior centers, hospices, VA Medical Centers, hospitals (especially children's hospitals), and similar venues. Also included is training of professional and volunteer caregivers to best engage people and elicit "the Art Experience." We need funding ($125,000) to hire an Executive Director and assistant. To celebrate art is to celebrate life!