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Fort Worth Adolecent and Young Adult Oncology Coalition

Enable the healthcare community to provide the highest standard of adolescent and young adult care. Establish an environment of connectivity that meets the unique needs of the adolescent young adult patient. Create community awareness and appreciation for the reality of adolescent and young adults with cancer.
What YOU Need to Know Today About the Fort Worth Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Coalition: Cancer is the #1 disease-related cause of death in 15 to 39 year olds. Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) have had the least improvement in cancer survival rates of any group in the last 30 years. For some cancer diagnoses, there has been NO improvement. Less than 5% of cancer patients over the age of 18 are involved in potentially lifesaving clinical trials. Cancer has no age gap...but cancer treatment DOES! For more than 5 years, the Fort Worth Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Coalition (FWAYAOC) has been working on a solution. In May, we opened the nation's first community-supported AYA cancer unit, giving young adults, ages 18 to 29, an age-relevant medical home. By making a donation today, you are ensuring local young people have an opportunity to partake in life's gifts - gifts that so many take for granted. Give today - for your friends, your family, your future children, even your future grandchildren. Everyone deserves a chance to thrive after being diagnosed with cancer, and having access to age-appropriate, cutting-edge medical intervention and specialized care is just the beginning. When you choose us, you're choosing to: Change AYA outcomes by changing their cancer journeys: We empower AYAs by guiding them through the medical, physical, spiritual and emotional effects that follow a diagnosis. Educate physicians about the unique needs of AYA patients and the life-changing impact that specialized, age-focused care can have on their survival. Convey the eye-opening AYA cancer reality to North Texans, including the people you love and care about the most.
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