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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Dedicated to lifelong learning and anchored by our rich collections, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History engages our diverse community through creative, vibrant programs and exhibits interpreting science and the stories of Texas and the Southwest.
2016 is an exciting year at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary! To mark this significant milestone, the Museum is undertaking special projects focusing on the care and display of its scientific and historical collections, including the redesign of its popular DinoLabs and the digitization of fragile photographic images in order to preserve them. This summer Paluxysaurus jonesi, the official State Dinosaur of Texas, was moved from DinoLabs to a prominent spot in the Atrium and now welcomes every visitor. Its move launched the Museum’s reimagining of how it exhibits its paleontology collections, leading to the redesign of DinoLabs as a modern, interactive Dinosaur Gallery. The redesigned Gallery will bring back Allosaurus and Camptosaurus, the “Fighting Dinosaurs,” so beloved by guests as well as an array of paleontology artifacts that have not been on display in years, if ever. This redesign will elevate the Museum’s paleontology exhibits, making them more interactive and exciting for guests and allow the Museum to help visitors explore new ways of looking at, and thinking about paleontology, geology and the Museum’s inspiring collections. We know that often a child’s first introduction to understanding earth sciences, geology and even conservation is sparked by their curiosity about and fascination with dinosaurs. Your contribution today can go a long way toward sparking a lifelong love of science for generations to come. As important as the exhibition of its fossil collections is the preservation of the Museum’s photography collection, which includes more than 40,000 photographs, film and video. Archivists are racing against the clock to save many fragile images through digitization. However, it is a costly effort and only a fraction have been digitized. Your donation today can help save these valuable illustrations of history before they disappear.
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