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Frazier Revitalization

Frazier Revitalization's mission is to be a catalyst for the revitalization and transformation of the Frazier Neighborhood by coordinating, supporting, and assisting in economic and cultural development.
Frazier Revitalization is a Dallas-based nonprofit that mobilizes change in the high-poverty Frazier neighborhood bordering Fair Park. Comprised of the Bertrand, Dolphin Heights, Frazier Courts, Mill City and Wahoo neighborhoods immediately south of Fair Park, Frazier is one of the city's poorest and most blighted communities. The area is riddled with high poverty, high unemployment and high dropout rates. Retail stores and business ownership by residents are virtually non-existent, and the area is considered a food desert. Frazier Revitalization acts as a community quarterback, coordinating and guiding the activities of residents, diverse service providers, government, businesses and philanthropists who share a mission of revitalizing this neighborhood. A donation to Frazier Revitalization on North Texas Giving Day supports the organization's efforts in the neighborhood including: - Frazier Kids - An afterschool program that uses a trauma-informed approach as it provides high-quality programming that gets children off the streets and into positive, enriching experiences. Frazier Revitalization also coordinates and brings resources to a 30+ provider network of after school programs in the neighborhood. - Youth Mentors - To address the needs of school-age children growing up with crime, addiction, hunger and violence, Frazier staff members are active in the classrooms and hallways of neighborhood schools, working with principals and teachers to mentor children and connect with parents when intervention is needed.