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Friends of Rowlett Animals

By providing homeless pets shelter, medical care, active lifestyles, and finding their forever homes, we help people and pets forge bonds that will last a lifetime. It is our organization's mission to: - come to the aid of homeless pets in Rowlett and the surrounding communities; - create community awareness about the plight of these animals; - educate the public about how they can improve the lives of homeless pets in Rowlett and surrounding communities; - enrich the lives of the homeless pets while they are being sheltered in our community; and - end the killing of homeless pets in our community.
Friends of Rowlett Animals has a Cat Rescue Program who's primary priority is to save at risk cats in shelters. Many of these cats are motherless kittens which require bottle feeding of formula, transitional feeding from bottle to solid food (also known as weaning), and independence from the bottle. Growing babies need lots of food and medical care, and our largest expenses throughout the year are for veterinary care. FRAs is a unique partner for the Rowlett Animal Shelter because we fund some vet care expenses for injured or sick animals. We sponsor all heartworm positive dogs for their heartworm treatment once they are adopted, and due to the shelter's limited budget, an injured animal may be humanely euthanized without additional treatment if FRAs is not able to cover the cost.