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Gardeners in Community Development

Gardeners in Community Development promotes community gardening as a way to enhance neighborhood life. GICD's mission, as stated in our logo, is Growing People. Each year, GICD makes it possible for hundreds of Dallas area families, mostly low-income, to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in and expanding network of gardens. These projects enable members to learn and share the joy of gardening with others, often from diverse ethnic and social-economic backgrounds. They provide families with fresh produce, donate food to area food banks, encourage the use of organic methods, give growers marketing opportunities, and enhance the environment by turning littered and neglected properties into community managed oases.
Some of Gardeners in Community Development current needs include covering the cost of repairing or improving gardens in East Dallas built over 20 years ago. All our gardens have increasing costs for tools, supplies, and water. We need more resources for training and working with new gardeners, especially those from diverse refugee populations. All gardens need upgrades to made then safer and more comfortable for member gardeners, volunteers and the public. We also need to upgrade or media and PR materials.