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Gateway to Success, Inc.

To be a bridge to success and productivity, while enhancing the quality of life through social services, resources, education, and shared responsibility.
Gateway to Success, Inc. is a social service agency who believes that children should be free of abuse and that every parent should have the tools they need in order to raise strong and healthy children. Including parenting education, we offer life skill building, home assessments for adoption and relative placement, supervised visitation services for children, and counseling services to those in need of crisis intervention and/or emotional growth beyond their current situation. Current Project: Helping through Intervention and Prevention (HIP) Program Contract with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. HIP services include parent education through home visiting and also provide some basic items that may be needed for the baby. CURRENT NEED: Gateway to Success, Inc. needs funding to pay for technology (computers and data software) to work with the community more efficiently, to purchase parent educational instruction workbooks for each parent attending parenting classes, public transportation passes for those parents without transportation with small children, various healthy foods/snacks and drinks to provide to parents during parenting education classes, household items that will be used to help the families keep their home clean and free of unsanitary/hazardous environments for their children, etc. We also need to purchase diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, Pack-n-Play's, car seats, toiletries, and/or any items that will be used for the participants in the HIP Program. The major reasons why funds are needed is that our target population consists primarily of poverty-level families and with the help of Gateway to Success, Inc., they are much more likely to build on their own family's existing strengths, become critical thinkers, be intentional about their parenting decisions, and become advocates for their own family. With your help, we can make a difference for hundreds of children, families, and struggling adults in our community who will have their lives changed by Gateway to Success, Inc.