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Good Local Markets

Good Local Markets strengthens the local food economy and creates awareness of the social, environmental, and health benefits of growing and eating local food. Good Local Markets operates community-based, producer only farmers markets in Dallas. All vendors make or grow what they sell, and all are from 150 miles of Dallas. In the last 8 years, GLM has independently incubated dozens of small businesses, and each year we have generated over $1 million in revenue for our vendors. Our markets, workshops, and Lone Star program provide a crucial link between local food producers - farmers and artisans - and our communities seeking local healthy choices. Our organization occupies an important intersection between health, nutrition, and locally produced food. At this intersection there are vast opportunities to bring healthy foods to neighborhoods in need, and direct sales outlets to local food producers.
Good Local Markets was founded in 2009 with the idea that a neighborhood farmers market would improve the health and quality of life in east Dallas. Now in our 9th farmers market season, GLM is committed to this primary activity - operating growers-only neighborhood farmers markets in the Dallas area to bring economic opportunities to local small farms, food businesses and artisans. And by creating neighborhood farmers markets we have also brought fresh locally produced foods to our community, created jobs, encouraged healthy social interactions, and supported diversified use of farmland. Now, Good Local Markets would like to expand our programming by more directly reaching low income communities. In 2017-18 GLM is seeking funds for our Market Match pilot program to boost the buying power of low-income consumers at our community-based farmers markets - White Rock Market and Paul Quinn Market on the campus of Paul Quinn College. Our Market Match pilot program will facilitate the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP or Lone Star, formerly known as food stamps) at our farmers markets, incentivizing the purchase of fruits and vegetables through one-to-one coupons matching SNAP/ LoneStar benefits. This allows SNAP recipients to effectively double their purchasing power. In other communities across the country, SNAP and incentive programs such as Market Match, provide distinct, positive influences on direct sales at farmers markets. Farmers market incentives like Market Match have been shown to increase market sales by more than their dollar value alone. Meanwhile, food assistance beneficiaries-SNAP shoppers-represent a new customer base for farmers markets and impact participating farmers' bottom line. Good Local Markets is fundraising to bring such an incentive program to Dallas and our market community. Not only will Market Match bring healthy foods to those most in need, it will also benefit farmers, farmers markets, and the rural and urban communities producing local food.