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The Good N.E.W.S. Living at Home/Block Nurse Program is a community based system which enriches the quality of life of our seniors in Azle, Springtown and surrounding areas, by providing essential social support services, thus enabling them to stay in their homes and avoid premature entry into nursing homes.
The primary objective of the program is to establish a strong, well-informed and well-trained group of volunteer caregivers who will strengthen community approach and improve in home care for the elderly. The seniors who receive services from committed, caring volunteers realize the most obvious benefit, but the volunteer providing the services will also realize benefits from their involvement in the program. Research from the Mayo Clinic has discovered the connection between health and friendships/volunteerism, suggesting the increase in a sense of belonging and purpose, a boost in happiness, reduction in stress, and over all improvements in self-confidence for both the volunteer and the recipient. As a volunteer driven program, it is imperative that Good N.E.W.S. have an adequate number of volunteers to provide quality of life services, to our older neighbors. The program staff coordinates and manages volunteers as they are paired with a senior citizen to provide direct services such as telephone calls, friendly visits, shopping assistance, transportation, minor home repair, yard work, and light household chores. As with any non-profit organization many administrative volunteer opportunities are available, such as positions on the board of directors, fundraising organization and implementation, solicitation of monetary and other donations and grant writing. Good N.E.W.S. offers volunteers the opportunity to get a sense of gratification from making a difference in someone else's life, thus, perpetuating the saying Changing Our Community-One Volunteer at a Time