Raised for Nonprofits

Green Arlington Foundation

Green Arlington Foundation acts as a fiscal agent in support of environmentally sound and sustainable educational initiatives by 501(c)(4) or start-up organizations dedicated to improving city life through an enjoyment of nature and the protection of wild spaces.
This year GAF is again supporting the Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve (SWNP), who are requesting funds to install and nurture a prairie demonstration and pollinator-friendly garden on 2 acres at the south end of the preserve, where a weeds-and-Bermuda field now sits. Funds are also needed to advance the effort begun in 2015 to improve the preserve's trail system with interpretive signage, a kiosk, and free educational materials, such as natural history information and online links for reporting wildlife sightings and species ID. Meanwhile, the day-to-day work of trail maintenance, erosion control, invasive species removal, and seeding with native plants continues unabated despite limited resources and deserves your financial support. Please help their cause.