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Hanna 4 Hope

Hanna 4 Hope is a non-profit established to bring teenage suicide to the forefront of communities. Our mission is to educate families & community of signs of suicide and provide resources for parents, teens and organizations. Reduce teen suicide alarming increase. Support family of the devastating effects.
Hanna4Hope partners with schools to bring a two-pronged message to teenagers: "You matter" and "You are never alone." Primarily, the organization has focused on youth ages 12-18 by establishing Teen Committees and Student Clubs in several area schools. The teenagers are trained in the signs of suicide and how best to respond when they see those signs in their peers. They also host guest speakers at their schools and share their knowledge. Representatives from Hanna4Hope speak at school assemblies and other student gatherings throughout the year. In 2016, roughly 1,700 students learned about the warning signs of teen suicide and how to handle the situation during these speaking engagements. Parents and educators are of course another key piece of suicide prevention. Hanna4Hope has hosted workshops in the past that have attracted up to 80 concerned parents. With your help, Hanna4Hope plans to expand these workshops for families by hosting three, free workshops to cover facts about suicide, warning signs, and cyberbullying. The teens will learn leadership skills to help them take initiative, and everyone will leave with a practical toolkit of how to respond to a teen in crisis. Each workshop is about three hours and includes a meal. The exercises are interactive, and the speakers are experts in the field. By addressing both parents and teens, the goal is to open a dialogue about mental health and suicide that can save more lives.