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Harmony Community Development Corporation (Harmony CDC)

Harmony Community Development Corporation's (Harmony CDC) mission is to advance the presence of God by strengthening families and revitalizing neighborhoods through community-driven and solution-oriented approaches. We provide services to 7,300 plus individuals annually through our on-site food pantry. Harmony CDC also provides more than 800 professional and addictive behavior counseling sessions annually.
Join Harmony CDC by Investing In Our Future to Provide, Equip and Transform our community in the southern sector of Dallas. Capacity Building (Provide): - Operational and administrative bandwidth - Adding new positions and manpower (case managers, development specialist, counseling therapists, insurance/medical billing specialists Infrastructure & Assets (Equip): - Investing in truck and equipment - Enhancing program resources - Increasing food pantry service capacity - Building a community garden Community Economic Development (Transform): - Launching social enterprises - Enhancing workforce readiness & development - Exploring housing development opportunities Program Sponsor Opportunities: $50 per client provides 178 pounds of food for one week $500 purchases 1785 pounds of healthy food $300 for 6 individual counseling sessions $700 for 6 individual counseling sessions and 8 group sessions