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Havens Way

To remedy the effect of human trafficking and abuse globally through grass roots efforts. Havens Way operates on a 100% non profit/charitable contribution basis only in nature and form. We assist those who have nothing but what we can give them, and invest in rebuilding them to be wholly contributing members of society.
We have a current and pressing need to open a 26 bed Emergency Detox and Assessment Center. There is NOT one in the DFW area which uses all natural means, and doesn't just drug-up the survivors. We are building a 25-bed 30 day facility in North Texas, and quickly throughout the most highly trafficked areas in major metropolitan cities. In the U.S., we purchase and convert space into the 2-4 week Center where the survivor can detox without more drugs, and we can see if they will fit into the program, and be able to be transported to a secure location for Phase I restoration. Survivors will first go to the Emergency Center, even if being transported from other locales which do not yet have a Safe Haven Shelter Campus. Not only does this buy time to assess the security of the local Campus, but it gives the survivor safe shelter immediately, with medical treatment for the broken bones, injuries, and tear in private areas which are always sustained at the hands of the abuser/trafficker. ***We provide assistance to the DFW area, and North Texas through these 3 pillars: (1) RESCUING THE VULNERABLE (2) RESTORING SOULS (3) EQUIPPING LIVES All help to furnish and supply the Dallas area safe house is appreciated. In addition, our partners in North Texas rely on our participation in order to accommodate and supply safe houses and programs for anti-trafficking and anti-abuse for women and children. Our programs also reach out to men with addictions, and ex-felons. We must meet those demands in order to eradicate them.