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Health Services of North Texas (HSNT)

Improving the life of all North Texans through medical care, support services and advocacy.
The population of Denton County is growing at a rapid pace, and the demand for accessible healthcare continues to increase. Affordable medical services are sure to remain a key focus in the ever-changing healthcare and health insurance environments, but the lack of space in our Denton Medical Centers limits our ability to provide these services to the growing number of people in need of medical care. Therefore, Health Services must increase our service capacity by building an additional clinic to meet the rising demand for affordable care in Denton County. The need for pediatric care in Collin County is immense. The Plano Children's Medical Clinic addresses the need for accessible pediatric care in Collin County to improve the health of children in the community. When children gain access to preventative and primary healthcare, provided in tandem with support services and health education, families are empowered to take charge of their children's health. Accessible care prevents minor health issues from going untreated and evolving into costly medical crises. Additionally, health education empowers families to make informed choices regarding nutrition, physical activity and recommended immunizations. Through improved health, children are able to focus on their education without missing excessive days of school due to illness. This improves their long-term quality of life and enables them to positively impact their community in the future.