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Heart House

Established in 2000, Heart House provides safety, education, and opportunity to refugee and underprivileged children (through intervention and support services) to move students from a mindset of chaos to calm. Through the Head, Heart, and Hands program, Heart House gives children a chance to thrive through afterschool and summer programs and services, including homework assistance, mentoring, counseling, and protection from negative influences. The H3 program employs a comprehensive approach to deliver meaningful results. Social-emotional learning is a core part of the strategy to ensure the holistic healing and growth of each individual child. Physical and academic health is developed simultaneously through customized educational and therapeutic experiences for students. Consider Bethel and Jahmir, two refugee students who came to the United States after experiencing war in their home countries. Having no formal education, Bethel came from Eritrea in northeast Africa after having lived in multiple camps, where she had to fight to get food that was shared with thousands of others. Jahmir came from Iraq, where he attended school on a daily basis but constantly dealt with the terrors of car bombs and suicide bombers. Bethel and Jahmir's traumatic experiences have created academic barriers and obstacles to successful resettlement. Bethel is fearful of others, especially when eating, and has a hard time making new friends. Jahmir struggles with angry outbursts and a lack of impulse control. Rather than expecting Bethel and Jahmir (and other refugee students) to meet an arbitrary academic standard that ignores their traumatic history, Heart House recognizes that each student has a unique set of academic and social-emotional needs and works to ensure that their individual gifts and limitations, countries of origin, and cultures are respected.
Hearts seeks funding for our Therapeutic and Counseling Services for the Head, Heart and Hands (H3) program.