Raised for Nonprofits

Hearts Full of love

To love our homeless neighbors and neglected poor by meeting physical and spiritual needs. We hope to show the 'least of these' the love of Christ can reach any depth and can change any circumstance if we are open to receive him. Jesus is our only true hope to a transformed life on this earth. So we must be a stepping stone for them to know Jesus.
Financial support, medium size enclosed trailer for serving,toiletries--roll on deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brushes, mouth wash, body wash, sun block (non-aerosol), mosquito repellent (non-aerosol), women's personal hygiene items, new socks, durable outdoor slippers, slightly used boots/tennis shoes, one size fits all sweat pant, beverages, coffee, sugar/creamer, gatorade/water, fresh fruit, pastries, bus passes, bibles, devotionals