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Helping Us Help Her

To provide developmental tools to teenage girls that will equip them to become morally excellent. (Through HUHH, teen girls become capable of defining themselves and valuing their self-worth, while being set on the right path of achieving their goals and DREAMS in life!)
This organization stands in need of these funds to continue the development of the plans that outline the detail strategies this organization will use to grow and guide its work tactics. Our organization needs funding to continue its efforts in changing the lives of teenage girls. We are built on an unique program and quality foundation that is exemplified through the outcomes it has shown in our participants. Based on the our curriculum, life skills and empowerment retreats, teen dating and domestic violence awareness events, educational and bridging scholarships, the agency educate, expose and prepare young women to value their self-worth. As the world changes, the foundation stays the same. We need funding to secure and provide tools and resources that all young women need to be successful in life.