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High-Tech High Heels

Our mission is to increase the number of girls entering into a college-level degree program in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM).
High-Tech High Heels aggregates and funds diverse, effective programs that encourage and prepare young women in middle school and high school to excel in STEM. We invest in organizations that provide services to level the playing field for female students in STEM, and we connect disparate programs to create an ecosystem of support that addresses equity training, academic preparation and driving interest and awareness in STEM Our support of gender equity training has resulted in thousands of educators and counselors being trained, impacting more than 40,000 students annually. Girls who attend the AP Physics Camps we support are 2.6x more likely to earn a STEM degree and 5x more likely to earn an engineering degree than non-campers. And, we have incubated new programs in the areas of gender equity training, hands-on physics camps and robotics clubs for high school girls. High-Tech High Heels is open to all who are interested in preparing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM.