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Hip Pocket Theatre

Hip Pocket Theatre, an experimental arts ensemble, is committed to producing original scripts and pieces not usually performed in this area. HPT relies on the imagery of fantasy and fables, original adaptations and scripts that mainly draw their inspiration from the legends and history of Fort Worth and the Southwest. The performance focus is interdisciplinary, utilizing traditional theatrical elements along with music, drama, mime, dance, puppetry, and projected images.
As with most non-profit agencies, our greatest need is to meet our budgetary requirements. Because we are an outdoor theater, each year it is necessary to make weather-related repairs and updates to our physical plant as well. We also have a year-round outreach program which we are expanding to include not only students in Fort Worth I.S.D., following the TEKS Guidelines as set forth for first through third grade students in English and literature, but to re-establish a program previously utilized with children aged 13-18 at the John Peter Smith Trinity Springs Pavilion which was curtailed earlier because of lack of funding. These outreach programs are paid positions.
Linda Whittington Robert Bourdage This represents two matches of $500 each.

About Hip Pocket Theatre 2016 from Hip Pocket Theatre on Vimeo.