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Hope Coalition-CWJC

The mission of Hope Coalition is to educate women in an encouraging and supportive manner, to inspire positive growth, and equip them for life, employment, and self sufficiency.
Hope Coalition-CWJC is kicking off our most critical fundraiser of 2017. Abuse, joblessness, and poverty are at an all time high for women and children. With two semesters a year we provide classes in boundaries, computer skills, job readiness, parenting, finances and budgeting, art therapy, nutrition, and Bible study, They become more confident and self sufficient. Your support is urgently needed to give these women the tools they need to accomplish their goals. We need study guides and workbooks, art supplies, assistance with our meal program, new caps and gowns for graduation services, and reception. With supporters like you we can make a difference. A minimum donation of $25.00 or more will be partially matched, so please give what you can. On Sept.22 you can go to HopeCoalitionDallas.org and access the donation portal. Thank You For Your Generous Support.