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HOPE Farm is a leadership program guiding at-risk boys to become Christ-centered men of integrity.
HOPE Farm is in need of financial support to help cultivate a future and a HOPE to young, fatherless boys enrolled in the Leadership Development Program. We endeavor to guide these young men to become contributing members of society breaking the cycle of fatherless families. The Leadership Development Program is the umbrella that is inclusive of all programs offered at HOPE Farm that point toward this goal. These programs include mentoring, tutoring, character-building, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts (piano and choir), recreation (exercise and nutrition) and a Biblical component. The boys begin the program as young as five years old and remain through high school graduation. We emphasize the importance of developing a contributing citizen by instilling honesty and accountability. HOPE Farm helps Farm boys grow academically, socially and spiritually. Because we do not take any governmental funding, we are supported primarily by individuals, churches, foundations, and private businesses. We believe that we are in a crisis created by fatherless-ness and need to address the problem and invest now in the lives of these fatherless boys rather than later to incarcerate men who believe there is no consequence for their actions.

The HOPE Farm Story from HOPE Farm on Vimeo.