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Hope Rising

Hope Rising will create positive change through arts-related events and activities that foster education and awareness about sexual and domestic violence and, in doing so, provide aid and support to organizations whose primary mission is to serve persons affected by sexual and domestic violence in Collin County, Texas.
Hope Rising's passion is "Awareness Through Art". Awareness also comes from information and training. We are in the planning stages of hosting a Title IX conference in 2018. Title IX ensures that gender does not preclude a student from equal educational opportunities. More importantly, it requires that schools (K-12 as well as colleges/universities) investigate and take prompt action when a student raises an allegation of sexual misconduct on campus. The Associated Press reports that many sexual assaults go unreported because schools aren't aware of how to handle these allegations. Hope Rising will connect school staff with our experienced network of professionals for a day of training to give staff the tools they need to protect our K-12 students. All funds donated this year will be set aside to make this conference a success. Please give what you can and help us support our school staff, or as we think of them, "Guardians of the Generations".